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Ginebra Bellucci

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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Ginebra Bellucci directly on your taskbar. It lasts 42 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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9 Ноябрь 2018
Best comment - Ginebra Bellucci by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

OMG ! She brings her super big inflatable dildo ! Probably the biggest we ever saw at IStripper ! Look how she plays with her large labias...
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9 Ноябрь 2018
I didn't really need to watch the promo clips to come to a decision, but I watched them "just in case" before clicking that purchase button in a flash.

A tease-tastic outfit and then Ginebra having fun with her big black dildo...

...with sound ! ! !
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2 дней назад
Ginebra Bellucci is one of my most favorite performers in iStripper. This fantasy outfit and her "girl next door" look, makes for an extremely erotic strip tease.

She has an amazing figure, great eye contact, seducing and enticing moves and kills in and out of any outfit!

I highly recommend all her shows!

Ginebra Bellucci is very addicting!
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