Stiff Competition by

Vanessa Decker

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4 Декабрь 2018
Best comment - Vanessa Decker by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Behind the taskbar clips are back ! :) Some naked feet, nylon fetish and high heels for feet / leg lovers !
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12 Февраль
Vanessa is back and better than ever..One of the best of her recent shows ...she looks good enough to eat in this stockings and suspenders set.

Im looking for a weakness and I cant see one perfect hair,tits(which she bounces on occasion in this show..what fun!) a round and perfectly toned rear which thankfully we see lots of.. which leads to long stocking clad legs...not forgetting her trimmed juicy pussy..."the golden triangle"...this show is called

stiff competition...not half.
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19 Апрель
This is another good show from the beautiful, big-boobed, brown-eyed Vanessa.

In this show of the 14 clips only 2 were XXX for about 12 minutes.

She used only her fingers in the 1st clip culminating in a nice orgasm & a big dildo/vibrator in the 2nd with the same result. I love watching women having real orgasms.
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