Slow Burn by

Luna Corazon

 3.99 (195 votes)

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Joined in Сен 2018

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14 Сентябрь 2018
Wat een prachtige vrouw. En wat een heerlijke kutje
Joined in Мар 2008

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24 Март 2018
I have always loved Luna but this wasn't one of her better shows.

Although she did some interesting stuff. DP with her fingers only, DP with her fingers and dildo up her ass & a little ATM. I wasn't convinced she ever had an orgasm which accounts for her low score from me.

In this show 5/12 clips were XXX all on the table. The rest of the clips were mostly standing with one table. In the XXX clips she was mostly completely naked except she occasionally had shoes on but they didn't stay on for long.
Joined in Июл 2011

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24 Декабрь 2017
I wish she could do another set, but with her natural hair, made into a straight style to highlight her pretty face. She is a great perforner and you guys should book her as many times as she will grace you with her prescence!
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