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Victoria Travel

 4.06 (113 votes)

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7 Январь 2018
Well, I agree with the average rating for this show entirely.

There is only a disappointing 2 XXX clips, one without the vibrator and one with and even though she tried hard I don't think she had a happy ending.

She is definitely a gorgeous little thing (5'1" and 99 lbs) with nice boobs.
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19 Июнь 2018
Hey Victoria, what can I say. You're such a ravishing beauty, moving so galantly around. You're so beautiful and you have a fantastic body as well. The way you walk starts giving me these extra fuses to my heart. Great stuff!! Thanks. Greetings.
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5 Декабрь 2017
She should have better notes. She deserves it. Very hot lady with nice eyes and lovely body.
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