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27 Июнь 2017
A most enjoyable performance by Nasita. She's the "silent orgasm whisperer" because of the way she goes about pleasuring herself to the point of quietly enjoying her orgasms. Fantastic to watch!

Nasita is just so beautuful... pretty face and hair, great breasts, fabulous figure, beaut arse, nice long shapely legs, and sexy feet. She's a stunner! And her pussy is gorgeous too with its 'meaty' clitoral hood and its fleshy inner lips.

The way Nasita goes about flaunting her assets is sexy, sensual, erotic and stimulating. It's beautiful. And her performance delivers on every level.
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29 Октябрь 2018
my eyes are melting
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8 Март 2017
5 out of 5, just buy this card. She can flirt with her eyes. Beautiful body and performance.
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