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Joined in Май 2016

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10 Июнь 2016
Best comment A stunning dress for a stunning woman.

Hearing her moans made my day.

Keep up and come back soon Kalisy ;-)

(I'd love to see you with an other woman)
Joined in Окт 2016

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10 Октябрь 2016
Very nice girl, especially for those who like tiny tits. The outfit is great but unfortunatelly she never take off the ugly white shoes. She sucks marvelously the dildo and puts it deep into her pussy, that is yummy. Her asshole is also lovely and I think an anal show of hers will be great.

face (w. 2) = 9.5/10

body (w. 4) = 9/10

feet & shoes (w. 1) = 7/10

outfit (w. 1) = 10/10

X-action (w. 4) = 8.5/10

grace (w. 3) = 9.5/10

image (w. 4) = 9/10

sound (w. 1) = 9.5/10

weighted average = 9
Joined in Июл 2016

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28 Июнь 2017
I love her, her outfit is great and the heels are perfect! she looks enough at the camera and her mastrubation skills are amazing.

and what's not to like about her body?

I would give her the full 5 stars but I would love to see a little bit more of her body before she starts working her boby.

Body: 5

Outfit: 5

XXX scenes: 5

Non XXX scenes: 4

total: 4,5
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