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20 Январь 2016
Beautiful girl and good show, but I really don't like her tits. It's not even the fact that they are tiny (I have nothing against tiny tits), but the shape is weird. Unfortunately is a turn off to me, fortunately balanced with her natural beauty and nice show including anal.
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8 Февраль 2016
you can't go wron with Spain.
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8 Апрель 2017
Sweet. Her face reminds me (A LOT) of my last girlfriend (my girlfriend, though, had larger boobs, not much larger, but larger still).

Apolonia has nice feet, but if Totem is to do more cards by her THEY SHOULD CUT BACK ON NAKED FEET!!

As far as I am concerned, Apolonia will break a few hearts if she teases with some sexy shoes (NOT necessarily those platforms everyone has been complaining about).
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