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Lady Dee

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Joined in Мар 2008

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27 Июнь 2016
Real orgasam or fantastic actress. Either way, she's a huge turn on.
Joined in Мар 2008

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25 дней назад
This was a hot show a hot show from this brown-eyed beauty Lady Dee.

Of the 13 clips 6 of them were XXX all on the table. By my count she had an orgasm in all 6 & perhaps 2 in the last one.

She used her only fingers in the first 1 & then a dildo/vibrator in the next 3 but only BJing it in 1 & then back to her fingers in the last 2.

All & all a very enjoyable show.
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1 Сентябрь 2018
Lady Dee is a very sensual and erotic performer. One of the best on here for pure subtle seduction. She knows just how to use each outfit to tease you and please you to the maximum effect.

Gorgeous smile and body, mixed with raw sexual energy! You can't go wrong with any of her shows!

I highly recommend Lady Dee!

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