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Chloe Lacourt и Ava Courcelles

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29 Декабрь 2014
This is one of those cards where I wasn't sure what to expect, but since it was recommended, I had to check it out. Glad I did! This one features the hot Chloe Lacourt and her big fake breasts and the MILF lovely Ava Courcelles. Together, they are dynamos!This card has a lot of great interaction between the ladies as they get down and dirty with one another in great lipstick lesbian action. There is some anal here and the way the two so obviously enjoy getting it on with one another comes through well on-screen.A great card and one that is highly recommended as a strong duo show worth the tickets.
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6 Июнь 2017
This card ranks up there with the best. But then, what else to expect from two French beauties in the name of Chloe and Ava in a show of great vision and sound!

Chloe and Ava get to show us their superb bodies and their undeniable beauty. They also get to show us ample vision of their gorgeous pussies. As a pussy connoisseuer, I love Ava's delightful neat trim pussy, while Chloe has a fleshy pussy with generous inner lips. What each girl does with her own pussy and with her partner's pussy is excellent sexual entertainment. Really excellent.

Their performance gets much hotter when a double-ended dildo is produced and put to some outstanding use. The double-ended dildo scenes are breathtaking. It's most admirable to see Chloe taking her half so completely deep inside her pussy. Wow. Stunning!!!

This is an outstanding performance by two outstanding beautiful girls. Flawless!!!!
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30 Декабрь 2014
C'est toujour bon de voir des jolies petites fran?aises en actions Ava a de tr?s belles fesses qui donnent vraiement envie et elle aime nous en faire profiter ?a se voit dans ses show et celui ci avec la tres jolie chlo? ni fait pas defaut. Merci.
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