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Ava Courcelles и Ria Rodriguez

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9 Декабрь 2014
This card features two of our favorite new Virtua Girls getting together on Desk Babes. What more could we ask for? Ava Courcelles is our new favorite MILF with a hot body and very sexy cougarish appeal. Ria Rodriguez is the latest exotic babe to hit the screen and has so far made us very happy, more than once.Together, they are a good couple with a nice lesbian duo show. It's not the best, however, and they do often seem to be just "doing their job" for the camera, but this isn't so bad that it destroys the card. It just keeps it from being a 10.All in all, an excellent lipstick lesbian show and well worth the download.
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28 Ноябрь 2014
I'm kind of disappointed by Ava's performance. She was great on VG but DB duos doesn't seem to be in her advantage. Nevetheless, the show is excellent and those two lovely ladies are delightful to watch.
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7 Июнь 2017
I don't throw out 5 stars just cause a gil is purdy. I've given plenty of 4 stars. But this is a five star. Go ahead and get it.
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