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Chloe Lacourt и Ria Rodriguez

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29 Декабрь 2014
This is a hot pairing with a lot of potential as the tall Chloe Lacourt, with her big fake breasts, meets the dark Ria Rodriguez with her exotic looks. The chemistry, however, just doesn't seem to be there and while the action is good, there seems to be a language barrier as one or the other often looks behind the camera for direction.That doesn't mean that the card isn't worth getting, though. Chloe is hot and Ria is smokin, so the show is still good. It just could be better.
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28 Ноябрь 2014
Wow, great show ! This first 3K DB duo is awesome, with two complementary ladies. One tanned brunette with great hair, body and orgasms, and one beautiul blonde with anal plug and long legs. They seem to get along very well and offer a high quality show (and I'm not only talking about the definition!). Great job to you girls, and good job to Totem too.
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11 Сентябрь 2016
I straight up just bought all of chloe's cards based on her solo performance after i think 3 clips. I am going to put all of them in one playlist file and take the rest of the night off. Cheers!
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