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Violette Pink

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Joined in Июн 2015

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19 Июнь 2015
Violette Pink is a favorite. I've gotten all of her cards (sadly, that's only 4 so far.) She has an innocent face and a girlish figure that really pleases. She seems to really enjoy what's she's doing and she makes wonderful noises while she does it. She also makes the cutest "O" face and then smiles real big when she's done. There something very sweet and genuine about this little girl. Love her. 10 out of 10.
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11 Январь 2015
Violette lui va très bien, mais il faudrait travailler un peu plus sur le maquillage et la mise en volume des cheveux car je pense

que cette nana n'est pas suffisamment mise en valeur. Maintenant coté show et expressions du visage, c'est plutôt cool...
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13 Январь 2015
I bought this one for the popsicle dildo. She is cute and the action is hot but the resolution of the card seems off. At least when comparing it to Lia, Lola and Melena's cards. Maybe because it was earlier then them hard to say but I doubt I will keep this one too long.
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