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Paulina Soul

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Director's Note

Open side dress + sultry lingerie, that’s a a great little red hood !! The way she plays with her dress will turn every one of you into wolves ready to eat her !

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11 дней назад
April 14 download in April pack, posted on April 12 as it is the weekend.

Paulina was a welcome breath of fresh air after yesterday's flop of Bonnie Parker's cosplay. I like Russian girls, 30+, redheads, and red dresses. What a package. The red dress is nice but she could have done more time in the lingerie or nude. Good pantie tease too. The matching read wide open toe heels give bare feet and high heel lovers satisfaction. She is listed as shaved but it's hard to she does not look it from a distance with all the shadow around the lips. Glad that she's with us.
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3 дней назад
I love her prefect body she should have gotten a higher rating. She is so fine, nice ass
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9 дней назад
Paulina is such a spunky, seductive hottie who is unafraid of baring and touching herself at the right spots. A really good first card, there is good variation in the way she strips off her clothes. There is pantyless tease in this card too! 5 stars!
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