Country Picnic by

Kay J

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22 дней назад
Best comment - Kay J by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

Innocent look, bright smile, candid haircut and a great outfit giving a straight access to her perfect boobs.
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21 дней назад
Yee-haw! Kay J has the best country girl routine I've seen so far on iStripper. She has that sweetness you think of with country girls but the raw side could come out any moment.

Half a star deducted for shaving and for not taking off those very un-country shoes. At least she has redhead shadow and teh shoes are very open toe, or it would have been half a star off for each.

So far, Kay J has my vote for the best newcomer of 2019.
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15 дней назад
Kay J is cute, has a great body, but the pacing of her striptease is really off and sometimes a little too draggy. Caught her hesitating to strip her panties off in 2 scenes where her skimpy top was still on, which was a real bummer - either the director spoiled the moment for us by giving a different direction or she was being very indecisive in that moment. There is absolutely no bottomless scenes in this card, such a waste when you know that she could have nearly done it. I had high hopes for her, being one of my favourite models from MA, but the order in which she strips her clothing should vary - all the more so, for a costume that comprises of only two pieces! The amount of eye contact that she gives in this set is fairly decent, though a connection is still lacking - is she performing for a camera or an actual person? I sure hope she improves her method of striptease in subsequent cards. 3.5 stars.
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