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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Angelina directly on your taskbar. It lasts 44 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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11 Январь
This show counts 20 clips divided in Standing 5, Pole 6, Behind TB 3 and On TB 6. No touching/rubbing.

No Bare feet. Starting Nude (just heels) one Standing, one Pole and two TB clips.

Angelina is gifted with a beautiful face, idem hair, breasts, belly, hips, butt and legs. Her curves are as sexy as possible, one might say exceptional!

The outfit was great, in particular the see-through babydoll with the form of a dress. String and platform heels made the temptation complete.

With Angelina’s sexy body and her outfit there are two ingredients for a perfect show. The third is her performance.

I liked the Behind TB clips the most and then the TB clips. Since Angelina is not a real dancer,

her Standing and Pole clips are limited to (very) seductive moving.

The rating: Standing 4,5 (not easy with platform heels), Pole 4,5 (no special pole skills),

Taskbar 5, Beauty 5 and Outfit 5. Total 24/5 = 4,8---> 5 stars. Sexy show!

Song of the Show “Angelina” from Harry Belafonte: “Angelina, Angelina, please bring down

your concertina - And play a welcome for me 'cause I'll be coming home from sea”.
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23 Январь
Wooden movements and rusty transition from pose to pose. Yes. Beautiful as a statue. If you can't dance, stick to satnding like a statue I gave her 2.5 just for her looks. Performance is not there yet.
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11 Январь
I do believe she is the single most stunningly beautiful woman I've ever seen on here. I hope we get to see more from her!
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