Warm Glow by

Chloe Lamoure

 3.32 (290 votes)

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17 Декабрь 2018
Best comment - Chloe Lamoure by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Oh my ! Chloe is perfect mix of childish face with this genuine smile and soooo shaped body with those incredible tits ! That's a good show to fall in love...
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16 Декабрь 2018
The Good (Hmm..), The Bad (Getting Warmer...), The Ugly (Red Freaking Hot!!! Lol)

The Good

Chloe Lamoure in Warm Glow has a great figure, body, pussy, hair and face to match.

Her movements are seductive, and can easily woo any man, making the MOST out of this show

Her beautiful Face and Brown Hair with incredable pussy make me RISE to the occasion.

Positive + 5/5 Rating

The Bad

While her body is seductive, its still a little too big or big boned (though...I'm Fine with chunky women), but it still is a problem that needs to be addressed

negitive - .50

The Ugly

This is the crux to the problem, Fake Breasts, Now, fake breasts aren't bad, But...When you have a surgeon who dosen't know how to make breasts look natural, compaired to just sticking them in, you can see a diffrence.

My word of advice, make sure of what you are buying before purchase, and make sure your surgeon has a record for making nice implants look natural.

Negitive - 3.00


If you like breasts, this card it not for you...

But, if you like all of the above, except the breasts, this is a good card to salivate over.

Happy Fapping
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16 Декабрь 2018
Great card. I'm looking forward to more of her shows.
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