She's No Angel by

Rita Y

 4.53 (163 votes)

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6 Июль 2018
Best comment -RITA Y by OLIVERLOKKY- Photographer

Her favorite outfit, and as often when a model loves a dress more than another, she is giving a very confident performance
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7 Июль 2018
But she sure looks like one (An Angel). Luckyly she is'nt
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6 Июль 2018
Rita is sensual and enjoys showing herself, which is really good, I liked it.

A pity that some scenes cropped her naked toes off at the base - I have to deduct 0.5 stars for that, very unfortunately. I am not a big fan of "half-hanging" clips either - it needs to stop.

Overall, I am still happy to have this card. I will be looking forward to having more cards of Rita.
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