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Mandy Tee

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29 Июнь 2018
Best comment -MANDY TEE by OLIVERLOKKY- Photographer

Mandy is doing this classic awesome sexy move of taking off her panties from her dress without revealing what you really want to see. That's frustrating, but don't be scare, you will see everything at one point.
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15 Ноябрь 2018
Incredibly hot. Wish her movements were slower and smoother, but she's amazing all round.
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15 Сентябрь 2018
My comments on Mandy are already summed up on her Rich & Creamy card page. It's a lot the same here, perhaps more dance oriented than just stripping. She's just as great here.

Again, I'm not usually partial to bleached blondes but Mandy is exceptional! If you are still on the fence about her, get off it and download her.
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