Rock Your World ! by

Mary Rock

 4.12 (157 votes)

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19 Март 2018
This is precisely why the rating system needs to be scrapped. Here is a girl who can dance professionally, has a banging body, and is cute. She has a rating at level of some of the poorest most amateur girls because someone perceives she is too flat, or has chin fat, or a tattoo or her moves are "scary". Yet a young teen looking girl who has a "fresh" look who just bobs and bounces and lays on the bar gets a 4.8. Put her in a school girl outfit and she gets a 4.9! If you like girls who can dance, buy this card, she has an amazing ass, and the tat looks good on that ass.
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23 Февраль 2018
This show counts 18 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 (a specialist!) and On TB 6.

Starting nude clip 12, 13, 14. Touching and rubbing in the TB clips.

I liked the outfit with the normal (!) panties. Mary reminds a bit of the style of Mikki. Her butt is not small.

Does splits, stretching of legs, twerking, asshaking, rolling over head backwards, it’s all there.

I liked also the dancing/moving in just panties. Mary is a real pole dancer!!!
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25 Январь
Her moves are interesting. She has this look on her face like she's losing her balance and is about to fall over. Maybe it's just me. That might be enough to knock off half a point for style but those legs are worth 10 points alone. And that ass! 50 points! I just want to bite it! Arrgh! Was that out of line? Sorry, I get carried away sometimes...
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