Fortune Hunter by

Gulia G

 4.64 (197 votes)

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Joined in Фев 2018

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7 Апрель 2018
jesus christ, I want more Gulia.
Joined in Июл 2012

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2 Май 2018
A very vivacious and enjoyable performance, but one lhaving very ittle teasing. I feel it would have been better to wear this dress over a full set of sexy lingerie for at least a few of the clips. Guili's body is fabulous and a joy to see, but I would have preferred some aspect of mystery rather than a simple removal of clothes.
Joined in Май 2017

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25 Апрель 2018
Gulia is a newcomer and surely I have to admit, that she knows how to move and how to attract a potencial viewer with her body. One of the best smiles I've ever seen and definitely a "must have" for everyone who likes skinny models. Worth every credit spent.
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