Lewd Behavior by

Quinn Lindemann

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13 Февраль 2018
This show counts 17 clips divided in Standing 5, Glass 4, Behind TB 3 and On TB 5.

Starting nude clip 9, 10 (RFN), 11 (RFN), 12 (RFN), 13 (RFN) and 17. RFN = Real Full Nude

Glass clips together ± 12½ minutes, with one clip of more than 6 minutes.

Quinn is not 100% my type I discovered watching her show, although she looks well enough.

This ensemble of dress and bikini made many combinations possible.

Quinn’s dancing in the standing clips was sufficient to keep my attention.

Of her show I liked the table clips the most.

If you are fond of bare feet and of window cleaning, than this a show for you.
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13 Февраль 2018
One of the sexiest shows on iStripper, a perfect harmony of a beautiful body, an extremely tempting outfit and passion of dance. A real feast for the eyes and soul... ;-)
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9 Март 2018
Who's the blind guy who picks out the costumes for the girls? That long black drape that she's wearing througgive her h most of the clips looks like something a knight would wear on his way to the crusades. She is okay when she has it off. Bikinis are my personal favorites anyway. I don't need to spend time being "teased". I prefer coming right to the point. Nudity is the name of the game. I'll give her 4 stars because everyone has a right to be new.
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