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Adel Morel

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5 Январь 2018
The School Project of Adel was to pass the examination for iStripper schoolgirl.

Adel had to choose an outfit, because in Ukraine like in many European countries no school uniform is worn.

She made a good choice with the blouse, ultrashort skirt and the normal panties.

Adel thought: with that skirt, let me do some upskirts . She did many.

Adel also thought: stockings okay, but not all the time; you must see my legs and feet.

Adel is funny, spiritful, graceful and a teaser; at her best in the standing clips.

Like Sapphira A she has a large surgery scar. I admire her courage and that of Totem team not to hide it.

Adel past the exam: five stars for her project.

In this show of 22 clips there are 9 Standing, 6 Pole, 3 Swing and 7 On TB clips.

Starting Nude: 12, 16 (FN), 17 (FN), 20 (FN). FN = real full nude, no stockings, no shoes.

This is not a show for those who don’t like slim models.
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16 Январь
Adel is Adorable! Lithe and leggy, with a disarming, bright smile; she make a great schoolgirl.

The outfit is great. I'm a sucker for a girl in a kilt and knee socks. The cute, simple white panties were a perfect choice.

She is sweet and energetic in her moves. A real girl-next-door. Maybe not the most talented dancer, but you can learn the moves. You can't teach a sexy attitude, but she has that in spades.

But the cherry on top is, plenty of peeks up her skirt. When she struggles with those shoes, I almost think it's on purpose to let us steal a longer look. One of my favourite cards.
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9 Август 2018
Holy Crap, what a Card Debt for Adel. From her mini skirt to her stockings. Look forward to getting more of her cards
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