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Luna Corazon

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Joined in Июл 2015

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15 Октябрь 2017
Its great to finally see a sexy woman of a different shade of skin color than the usual endless white russian/european we get on here. Afterall it's nice to have different flavors of ice cream to choose from than vanilla all the time. ;) Luna is very hot and her sexuality radiates very clearly in her performances. Love this card and her others. Hopefully we'll see more variety in diversity like this.
Joined in Янв 2015

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13 Октябрь 2017
With those sultry expressions on that lovely face, and the seductive movement of her perfect bronze body, it's easy to forget this isn't an XXX card like her first two. She's so comfortable in her own skin it makes me envious. She loves the camera and vice versa.

(Although like another poster I liked her wild, more natural looking hair better, but she put in some effort to keep things interesting and she radiates so much cool it wouldn't matter if she shaved her head. But don't do it, Luna!)
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13 Октябрь 2017
LUNA CORAZON is back on iStripper and the world is so much better for it!!! (And Demi Fray is coming!!) As agreed amongst so many of us baying for her return, there are a lot of iStripper LUNAtics - awestruck by her first short visit! Flexible, smiley, freakin' gorgeous - this Friday the 13th is a day for huge celebration! WHAT A BEAUTIFUL LADY and what a beautiful show. Heart palpitating great - and not (this one at least) XXX - WOWEE!
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