Jazzy by

Zazie Skymm

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20 Октябрь 2017
Zazie is a model I like very much, both face and body, a little favourite.

She moves energetically in this show wearing a kinky outfit.

Under the fishnet tights no panties. Several clips from beginning without those tights/stockings.

Nor tights, nor high heels dominate this show, because also several clips start without the high heels.

Unzipping her leather shorts caused a little hole behind in the tights.

At the end of clip 7 Zazie crawls on the taskbar and makes a squat. Quite some pussy touching as well.

In this show: Standing 7 clips, Pole 2, on Taskbar 2 and behind Taskbar 5 clips. Total 16 clips.

Starting nude: clip 8 with shoes, 11 and 12 totally naked. Clip 15 and 16 both TB are xxx-labeled.

Zazie rubs her pussy, puts middle finger in her pussy and tastes her finger.
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28 Ноябрь 2017
Not sure why this card is called "Jazzy" because all I see is SEXXXY...seriously Zazie Skymm in black leather with fishnet and metal chains...O....M...G...

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29 Март 2018
This performance is a work of art!

What an extraordinary gorgeous Hungarian babe! So beautiful! Love her attractively groomed genital area & pussy! Love it! Her outfit is wicked!

Let’s face it… Zazie is the ultimate fantasy babe! The way she performs drives me wild… really wild. She’s sexy, sensual & erotic. Who can resist this stunning seductress? What a body! What a mover! Beautiful pussy teasing!

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