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21 Март 2018
Give this babe a prize
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30 Август 2017
Dammit.........! ! ! Another favourite I'll need to get all her cards as they come out.... just when I think I've got enough... 5/5
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7 Ноябрь 2018
Lovely girl.

Gracious movement, Marilyn has her own style.

Nice smile, lots of expression, eye contact is there.

The body… To my own taste… Perfect.

Do think Marilyn should have more than one set…

• Marilyn own hair style, light, I like it

• Truly nice makeup that brings her out

• Nice little earrings

• I like the red, braless top (And its content)

• We see her shoulders, back, belly and a bit of tease on the breast

• Goes well with the black skirt

• Light skirt that moves easily with Marilyn moves

• Dark nails to go with the skirt

• Perfect undie, perfect shapes in it, nice… Ass

• I like the moon tattoo but don’t ask why

• Nice, open heels, I like them

Did you saw the clips with no panties?

Upskirt lovers show…

Marilyn in Invigorating.

Five stars.
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