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Joined in Мар 2011

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6 Сентябрь 2017
Dianna is not only very good looking, but also a superb dancer.

Very flexible, original movements and great side views.
Joined in Июл 2012

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3 Февраль 2018
It can be not easy to tease when all that you have to work with is a bikini but Dianna overcomes this difficulty, though I am sure it would have been even better if there had been a clip or two where something was worn over the bikini. A very polished performance by a beautiful girl.
Joined in Окт 2009

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13 Сентябрь 2017
Dianna's dancing so versatile. Love that face & body.

A vivacious celebration of the joie de vivre dancer.

Great chemistry. Should have her back to dance

naked for every clip in some extended special cards.

because Dianna this way is bubbling with the good vibe. 5+^60
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