Bashful Beauty by

Victoria Travel

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Joined in Окт 2009

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18 Июнь 2017
If you like to cup breasts and still want to see some of your hands,

then this is the card for you. Gorgeous . Contains a SHORT rare

barefoot swing sequence, one of the best restless swings I have seen here.

Ink except for the amulete was discrete enough for moi not be to distracting.

For a debut, this is an amazing card. Victoria has the cheekiness story

factor down to a tee. A lady who enjoys you enjoying her & more 5+^10
Joined in Авг 2009

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19 Июнь 2017
Please more from this model. She deserves a better score, and I hope that more people buy her cards so we get a full set from her not just 3-4 cards, or worse just 1 card.
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15 Сентябрь 2018
Such a silly name for this show. Victoria is so shy, that in her 17th clip she turns away from the camera doggy style and only lets us enjoy her ass and pussy for a good 30 seconds. She is NOT shy, but very sexy indeed.
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