Teeny Bikini by

Linda Elisson

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19 Сентябрь 2017
Wonderful - 5 stars!

+ Cute as a button with a beautiful body

+ Sexy moves and teasing

+ Eye contact and smiles

+ Bonus soapy water scenes!

+ Bikini and heels

  • Some clips marked as Nudity contain no nudity. Presumably this can be fixed in an update but have docked 1/2 a star.
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29 Июль 2017
5 star. Get this card. Linda is a little vacuous, and I'd prefer a little more horny, but she is beautiful with a beautiful smile. I'd guess she is a small town girl. Don't hesitate. Linda is a crystal clear winner.
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30 Июль 2017
“She wore an itsy, bitsy, teenie, weenie...”

Petite girl in teeny, tiny bikini on high heels: the highest level of sexiness.
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