Bright Sunshine by

Dillion Harper

 4.39 (158 votes)

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28 Март 2017
Gonna give full marks for this - the things that weren't "perfect" just help to make the card a different experience...

...Plenty of good upskirts even if swing not fully exploited (kept her legs closed too long)... Dillion jiggles her hot body in a playful type of dancing, perhaps in a retro innocent disco style... Yellow dress and white panties works really well - nice contrast for upskirt tease effect while dress still light enough to give good light meter reading that keeps all the detail easy to see in playback.
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27 Март 2017
WOW!!. I`m been waiting for a dress on dillion Harper. In yelloow is Great on her. And the show is very good. I do like her bush the way it is shape look very sexy. Dillion your smile is very good. thanks for the Great show. Over all I rate this card 5 Stars.
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27 Март 2017
Dillion is very cute! I love her smile, her interactrion with the camera, her ass shaking, and her nicely trimmed bush :) She defintely gives you the impression that she is enjoying what she is doing! Her dancing skills need some improvement.
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