Never Enough by

Shyla Jennings

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Joined in Фев 2016

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28 Март 2017
In real life I would probably pass her by and notice. I am six-foot-three and she is like five feet tall. My ex-wife was her height and half the time, when we were walking side by side I did not know where she was, as she fell outside of the field of view of my peripheral vision.... unless I looked DOWN to find that she is not on my left, but, in fact, on my right or behind or something. Anyway, thanks to iStripper, I do not have this problem with Shyla :o) She does not have the kind of body that I would consider "real woman", but she compensates with her cheerful manner, beautiful smile and energetic, yet sensual moves. She is a real treat, especially because (unlike many other models) you can tell she REALLY ENJOYS what she is doing (whereas many other models look like slaves forced into this kind of prostitution by hard realities of life, just trying to get some money to make ends meet - one such example is beautiful, poor Estonika. Her, I just want to hug and buy her an icecream or something, and mabye just give her some money, so she can stop doing what she, clearly, does not enjoy). Not Shyla though, she is a happy whore. Get this card. You will not regret it.
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2 Июль 2017
HOT DAMN, shoeless in stockings!! Shyla has a set of nipples that could cut glass!!
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21 Март 2017
She's beautiful, and those shoes are just what I like. Fun, great show.
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