Cream Dream by

Keisha Grey

 4.49 (203 votes)

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Joined in Июл 2010

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20 Февраль 2017
Any card with this gorgeous lady would always be an instant buy for me.
Joined in Ноя 2015

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29 Май 2017
Pretty face with a beautiful 'fuller' figure. No stranger to the porn scene, Keisha is sure to please the eye. 4.5 stars ( I don't just give 5 star ratings out like free samples at a grocerie store. Only the best cards make the cut - If you make all of them 5 star then none of them are special...)
Joined in Авг 2017

27 comment(s)
29 Ноябрь 2018
Keisha you are my sex goddess from heaven. You move like an angel.beautiful breasts and lovely arse. I cant help but love you
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