Afternoon Fun by

Elsa Jean

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17 Январь 2017
A perfect outfit for Elsa playing the role of a collegegirl.

I like her pleated skirt and her blouse.

After the dancing Elsa needs some relaxation and with her

we can enjoy her afternoon fun while she is touching her big split.
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6 Февраль 2017
I have to hand it to Elsa Jean

she is streets ahead in performance here.

There is no longer the fixed photgenic forced smile.

Its a more real EJ, and the garment play is sensational.

Rock-on Elsa. Keep the sexy-mood. World is your oyster.

Wish I'd bought it earlier ;-5++++++
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18 Январь 2017
I am disappointed, despite the lovely skirt's best efforts, there wasn't a single pantyless shot, nor did she deviate from the stripping 101 order. She's cute, though. but not my type enough to overcome my disappointment.
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