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Kimmy Granger

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Joined in Апр 2015

240 comment(s)
31 Декабрь 2016
So this is Kimmys last card, I feel a tad heartbroken, did not expect that, considering at first glance she just reminds you of the cute girl next door. But then she takes the stage and immediately entralls you with her erotic wiles, that anyone would a hard time resisting.

Superb eye contact, arousing movement, not holding anything back, her goal is clear... to bring you some of the finest shows that will melt you.
Joined in Мар 2011

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30 Декабрь 2016
Kimmy Granger is not only one of the best students of her former teacher,

but also one of the best performers. At her top in the transition clips.|

The way she paces across the screen is marvelous (to watch in the transition clips).

The walking clips should become normal clips!

Kimmy has the capacity and creativity for at least four more shows!!!
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2 Январь 2017
Have to say am disappointed.

Kimmy has nothing on Lola Reve's Highschool Dropout card or Marica Hase's XXX Solo card.

Too much make-up. Plastic look doesn't do it for me. Deleted.

If you're gonna do cosplay at least do it right.
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