Sexual Therapy by

Genevieve Gandi

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30 Ноябрь 2016
Bad hat, sexy lady with great hips, nice outfit but doesn't do a single pantyless upskirt. A lot of upskirts, although that's mostly because the thing she's wearing can be called as a "skirt" purely on technical level, it's more of a belt. I have to take off a point for the lack pantyless upskirts, solely bbecause that's my thing, and she does almost every other variation except that.
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3 Декабрь 2016
dear vg wonderful new girl! please make this happen,. (: if this girls next show turns up wearing similar ( if not exactly the same ! please) costume /stockings etc etc , as Paula Shy 0139 i will download it a s a p!
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6 Февраль 2018
Genevieve is, as always, an absolutely gorgeous woman with great moves. This card is a great addition to any collection.
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