California Star by

Allie Haze

 3.41 (119 votes)

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Joined in Апр 2008

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9 Август 2017
She is a secret favorite. Not every model needs to look like a supermodel. She is very girl next door you grew up with and thats not a bad thing at all.
Joined in Апр 2016

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28 Февраль 2017
Not going to lie, I love that type of body, to me its more realistic, i enjoyed the card for sure!
Joined in Сен 2016

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4 Декабрь 2016
i recently discovered allie and right away fell in love with her she's now defintly in my top 5 favorite girls and card, her dancing and striping is amazing and i also love the pole 10/10. hope she gets more cards soon too.
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