Lime Treat by

Alessandra Jane

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30 Ноябрь 2016
What a great card from this very pretty girl. Nice smiles , eye contact and teasing, plus some very sexy siggles and energetic dance moves. She uses the pole mainly to balance and contrast the curves of her body as she dances but busts out a couple of basic moves now and then. Nice to see she has resisted the temptation to add ink to her flawless skin and I hope she isn't tempted to add silicone to her lovely small breasts. There are plenty of big breasted ladies out there, both natural and enhanced, and this member appreciates variety in the female form.
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8 Февраль 2017
Beautiful girl, but her performance leaves a lot to be desired.
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30 Ноябрь 2016
You like pantyliess upskirts? Here is the solution to all that ails you. Granted, that's not much of a dress, or a skirt, but she definitely does take the panties off first in many clips. Excellent show for that alone!
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