Fun First Date by

Pepper XO

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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Pepper XO directly on your taskbar. It lasts 40 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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26 Сентябрь 2016
I'm a sucker for the LBD and she wears it well. She looks great in it, and out of it. But sadly the teasing part of a strip tease is mostly lacking.

She moves slowly and sensually, which I rather like.
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13 Май 2017
I Like the Look In her eyes
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19 Октябрь 2016
She has a great ass, very nice smile, good body, but this show isn't really worth it. How to strip handbook for this show went like this: First show off your panties a little, then instantly take off that dress, and then later on take the bra off, then panties. That's it for the show. Rest time either parade around naked (lovely body, though!) or parade around in underwear. She isn't even a great dancer to offset this lack of anything you could possibly call a "tease" in the "strip". This is just pain old "flash panties and strip off asap" show. She has the potential for much better, but this show, man...
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