Night At The Office by

Ivana Sugar

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Joined in Июл 2013

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16 Январь 2017
I just can't get enough of this sweet sweet sugar! lol I'm becuming a diabetic...sugar rush/sugar crash :P
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3 Декабрь 2016
Ivana Sugar is a very good stripper, if you like slightly slower pace. She isn't in a hurry to go and stand in a bra and panties like some, or just prance around naked like others. She actually makes an effort to STRIP which is what we're (I hope) all looking for. She is topless, bottomless, shoeless, with shoes, and even after she has no bra but just that jacket on top she isn't losing it in a second but actually plays around with it for a while. Honestly, I only wish her body type was more to my preference, then she'd be perfect. I am not much into skinny girls, but I still have to give her a 5.
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13 Сентябрь 2018
I really like it! Brings some class and eleagance to taking off her clothes. Very sexy and a near perfect body.
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