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Elsa Jean

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16 Сентябрь 2016
Elsa Jean's LA studio shows are rather like a photo shoot session than a story telling striptease. Nevertheless she is quite beautiful & slim in a dainty way. The featured stockings are even discarded for a few microseconds, making it a true full striptease. Typically though, Elsa Jean seldom looks at what she is doing, choosing 100% of the time to look exclusively at the camera. She smiles endlessly like a toothpaste advert however I think thats just her way of expression. There is a warm charm & vulnerablness to her style which can be endearing if you let it. Nice feel-good card.
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17 Апрель 2017
Great to see burlesque show & nice dancing too.
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14 Январь
So pretty! It's not listed in the categories but she does take those sexy stockings off. Elsa pretty much always gets barefoot. She's awesome like that! :)
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