Pink And Perky by

Adria Rae

 4.51 (187 votes)

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Joined in Мар 2011

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25 Август 2016
Beautiful longlegged with ravenblack hair our cute little Adria does a great, very entertaining show.

The high heels make her legs look even longer what you can see especially in the standing and poleclips - my favorites.
Joined in Авг 2008

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5 Август 2016
I'm not a tat fan.. call me old school. But Adria transcends that for me, it just doesn't matter. Beautiful.
Joined in Авг 2013

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22 Август 2017
I do not know how I missed this model earlier - she is decidely lovely!!!

Only one more show of hers is yet to be collected by me. An exercise in delayed gratification - assuming that I do not succumb to temptation and snap it up sooner than expected. Beautiful girl, beautiful smile - just TOTALLY beautiful. Conversely, there are so many gorgeous new shows also commanding attention and a call on credits!

With distance, expense and all such factors now key considerations, I guess it is a forlorn hope - but hope for her return I do have (please excuse the Yoda-esque syntax)!!!
Joined in Окт 2009

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5 Август 2016
Apart from wanting to give Adria a hairpin for her hair, i found this card excellent.

Very nice with slow beat music. Confident and radiant Adria real nude work on the taskbar clips is some of the best I have seen here. 10++++
Joined in Апр 2017

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19 Август 2018
Nice body. She is perky. Sometimes I hesitate to get 19 year olds but she loks quite mature. Very little bare feet, which I like to see. Glad she's trimeed not shaven.
Joined in Мар 2008

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22 Июль 2018
Super Cute, perfect body, what more can you ask for.
Joined in Янв 2016

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6 Август 2016
Super Duper 10+++++++
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7 Август 2016
Is Perly another word for Horny?

She sure seems to be!
Joined in Апр 2018

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24 Апрель 2018
I fell in love the first time I saw her preview. God only knows why such less ratings! She is beautiful and sexy.
Joined in Дек 2016

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27 Март 2018
Adria is so beautiful I wish she was my girlfriend

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