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17 Июнь 2016
Something in Aislin’s face fascinates me.

I think it is the melancholic look of her you can see in the photos,

not so much in the show.

Her lingerie is very sexy, the shoes combine very well with the garment

and she keeps the highheels on all the time.

Her figure has the right measures and she makes a real good show.
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14 Март 2018
There really isn't anything better than watching an awesome performance by an awesome blonde. They leave me breathless!

Aislin's outfit couldn't have been better, especially her very sexy shoes... very sexy.

Aislin is blessed. I can't believe how gorgeous she is. Her beauty & physique tick all the boxes. In particular, she has fabulous legs, & her pussy gives me an immediate hard-on!!!

This show is up there with the best of the best. It's beautifully done, very sexy & sensual, & delivers on every level. Well done.
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17 Июнь 2016
Awesome outfit, lots of play, and Aislin knows exactly what she is doing. Put me down for more :)
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