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3 Июль 2017
Arteya has such a beautiful face and eyes. They are rather mesmerizing. And, her smile is dazzling.

It is too bad that she felt the need to tattoo her arm and pierce her breasts, as that is a real distraction from her overall beauty.
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18 Май 2016
ARTEYA ist echt super s?ss SIE hat einen sehr sch?nen K?RPER

und einen sehr sch?nen BUSEN das OUTFIT das sie tr?gt ist super

und ihre SCHOW ist echt super HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT

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13 Октябрь 2018
It took me two years to buy this, my second Arteya card .. what a waste, I could have been watching her all along.

She is a stunning beauty with a gorgeous figure and a very sexy mind. When a girl looks this hot I dont care if she has tattoos. Now to buy the rest.

A 5 star girl in a 5 star performance
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