Pleasant Surprise by

Vanessa Mio

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Joined in Май 2008

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29 Апрель 2016
Super 10 body. A great looking girl. Seems like a wonderful person. Very conservative so a 9 is max. Exciting? No.
Joined in Ноя 2012

77 comment(s)
7 Май 2018
How the heck did i miss Vanessa Mio.....what a Doll!!!!!!!
Joined in Сен 2016

337 comment(s)
28 Январь 2017
She does one pantyless clip, and it's pretty sexy one, she also knows how to tease. Which is damn great. My only complaint is that I wish she'd have done more pantyless shots. Although I do have to say she has pretty great ass.
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