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Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Naomi directly on your taskbar. It lasts 36 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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15 Март 2016
Naomi est une tres belle jeune fille qui ondule lentement avec des mouvements sensuelles tout au long de son show !

Pas trop souriante dommage !!!

Belle jupette ecossaise,mais ses jolies mignons petits seins meritaient un soutien-gorge plus sexy en dentelle noire par exemple,

mais pas ce gros truc noir rembourre !!! (soutif push-up). Elle peut mieux faire aussi a la barre pole dance.

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17 Март 2016
This card was an instant buy the moment I saw it I purchased it. Didn't even care for the demo to arrive. And I have to say it was the right choice: This is what I call a perfect show! Perfect girl, perfect outfit (I LOVE the panty), perfect performance. Great and slow moves, heels stay all the time, seductive teasing without any self-pleasing. Please more from this VG goddess.
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28 Март 2016
Naomi looks ravishingly superb in this outfit. Way better than her previous outfit which was the two piece bikini. But despite the sey outfit, don't expect many clips of her actually stripping out of it. Almost all of the clips are of her already naked. Which left me scratching my head. The ramifications are, if you add her to part of your repitoire, desiring to see her seductively remove that outfit (in the screen saver) her appearance will be a rarity. Why put a girl in a sexy dress like that and only have one or two clips of her entirely removing it in a striptease???? Great outfi, beautiful girl to boot, but a frustrating card if you want to see her actually strip and undulate out of the outfit. (sigh...!!!!)
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