Midnight Rendezvous by

Valentina Nappi

 4.47 (390 votes)

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Joined in Июн 2012

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10 Февраль 2016
Yes!! I've been waiting so long for another of Valentina's card ! Those curves are magical, I just can't get enough of that ass !
Joined in Июл 2010

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10 Февраль 2016
couldn't have said it better Vonfelix. Bring back more of her and Nekane. An entire month of just Valentina,
Joined in Мар 2008

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11 Февраль 2016
I must say, her face isn't exactly the best but she makes up for it by having just the absolute perfect body. The perfect example of voluptuous. Has 'meat on her bones' without being even a little bit fat and amazing ass and boobs.The stockings help for me too ^_^ Wonderful card. 10/10
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