Scarlet Fever by

Abby Cross

 4.13 (234 votes)

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4 Апрель 2017
I would give this card 10/5 if I could...

Now, that's what I call a real woman. I don't care if she does not go completely naked (meaning she always has shoes and stockings on - to me it is definitely a plus as I am not a fan of naked feet). As a matter of fact, this is a VERY tasteful performance. In the screenshots / previews it may seem that she is ... chubby, but she is NOT she has a really nice, firm yet very feminine body. Her moves are very sensual and her face and smile are godly.

It is very regrettable that there are so few cards of her and other cards (unlike this one) have color and contrast issues.

I am also happy that she does not do any XXX stuff - this leaves a lot of room for imagination.

Very lady-like. We need MORE cards like this... and, definitely MORE cards of Abby Cross!
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20 Февраль 2016
Non seulement Abby est super canon, mais tout est fait pour la mettre en valeur : coiffure, maquillage, tenue, on frole la perfection.

Bravo a toute l'equipe et un grand bravo a Abby pour ce qu'elle nous offre :)
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19 Февраль 2016
Abby Cross est superbement mise en valeur, dans ce déshabillé sexy, qui est en harmonie avec sa beauté. 10/10
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