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6 Декабрь 2015
Thank you Totem for dropping Sarika on my radar, she destroyed any type of low expectations I had formed. Red and Curvy all the way, look forward to what else you guys have in store for her.
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19 Октябрь 2016
I love her strong thighs and nice big ass, she also has a pair of nice firm tits. Her body does it for me, and she looks like a lot of girls that I know (I guess that places me geographically...) so she's got a next-door-girl look to her for me. But unfortunately her stripping is pretty by-the-book and never deviates from the same actions, no matter the clip (unless of course she's already naked). So, there's that. I'd give her only 4 stars, but compared to the number of skinny women on here, I'll give her a 5 for looking like a woman.
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7 Февраль 2016
I give this gorgeous lady in red a 10! I love the red dress, which is sexy, long blond hair, pretty face and when she stripped off the dress, she exposed nice tits and lovely pussy. What's not to love?!?!! I admit she is not the best in striper pole antics and skills, but she is a lovely sight! She is still one of my favorites.
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