Crimson Peak by

Anya Ivy

 4.43 (204 votes)

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8 Февраль 2016
Great show. Thank you Team Totem.I hope that we will be getting more cards from Anya Ivy in the near future. I would love to see her in Deskbabes as well.:-)
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8 Февраль 2016
An unexpected pleasure. DB is where I usually go, buy Anya Ivy is amazing! She's a muscular, graceful, fluid, sexy dancer. Her eyes!! You'd need a parachute or something as you fell into them!

I was going to give a 9, because of those very odd shoes (sorry, shoe fans, but they're distracting). Then I checked out the bonus video, which is the sexiest and hottest VG video since, oh, Sharka Blue. This is a great card; maybe she'll do a DB card soon!

(spellcheck is slepeign noow)
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7 Март 2017
I sure wold love to have her take some dick-tation from me. A 10 in anyones book.
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