Extravagance by

Dillion Carter

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2 Апрель 2018
Natural boobs: yes + 2

Shoes: low profile and shoes come off +2

Special factors:

+1 for an amazing body, natural breasts, long brunette hair, and black nail/toe polish.
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10 Февраль 2016
Love the pink and black outfit! the Black Fishnet stockings comined with the black panties is a big turn-on. That in itself made me horny, then she strpped and showed me that delicious pussy. I'd be hers for life! Wow! pretty face, beautiful hair, nice tits, great curves, fantastic butt, nice legs and great thighs, succulent, delectable pretty pussy. She is the total package. Need more Cards of her!
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11 Сентябрь 2015

Dillion is hot, and nude-a-lot there. There're like 6 nude at start clips, and couple more in which she's nude in seconds.


It seems she hates her stockings, at least she always tries to get rid of them asap. There's no moment with stockings but no panties, for example.
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