Delicate Touch by

Kiara Lord

 4.43 (324 votes)

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13 Апрель 2015
I like the girl, I like the outfit, I like the spurning of the shoes in some clips. Quite some nudity. I agree totally with Iberios about the hot figure of the girl and her great ass, but I see maybe too little teasing with facial expressions and gestures, which make the show on first sight a bit tedious. A second watching changed my opinion: my mark changed from a 9 in a 10. Go ahead Kiara!!!
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14 Апрель 2015
So this is Kiara Lord. Humph. She's beautiful, don't get me wrong. I like the outfit too especially the fact that she's wearing a panty instead of a thong (too much thong shows lately god knows it's true). Her tits and ass and midriff, her legs and wonderfully shaved pussy...everything awesome. The only thing is...explicit and x-rated content can be sexy yes. I agree. But if it's in each and every single clip it simply gets boring after a while you know? I mean hello? Am I missing something important here? I thought this was supposed to be a striptease show godammit. And the fact that she even does IT at the pole while her poledancing skills are obviously non-existent...well let's just say she doesn't belong here. I think this is my first and my last show from Kiara Lord. Definitively not worth the money...
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14 Апрель 2015
i believe she belongs to deskbabes. (imho thats a good thing)
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